Judith Plett, M.D.

Family Medicine Physician located in Orlando, FL & St. Cloud, FL

About Dr. Plett

Dr. Plett offers individualized and personalized primary care with referral services for additional care if needed. She is an experienced primary care physician who is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. She received her medical degree from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

Dr. Plett has expertise in diagnostic medical evaluation, stress and stress related illness. She has extensive experience in management of chronic diseases (both medical and lifestyle induced) including hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disease, asthma, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, sleep disturbance, obesity and abnormal weight gain, postmenopausal medical disorders, primary care with post cancer survivors, genetic and pharmacogenetic screening and referral, osteoporosis screening with DEXA scan, mammogram and breast ultrasound referrals, EKG's, and preoperative medical evaluations. She offers executive women's corporate exams, and is available for medical education and speaker services.

Dr. Plett believes good communication skills are an integral part of a healthy patient-physician dialogue and strives for this with each patient visit.

Dr. Plett understands "Wellness" is an elevated level of health care-encompassing an improved state of individual physicial, mental and social well being. She understands that many people need to reset their overall health priorities and reestablish better lifesyle habits to accomplish this goal. She wants all of her patients to experience this concept of wellness and to "Be Well" or at least "Be Better" which is the goal of the Gearity Wellness Center.