Anti-aging facial

The ultimate defense to oxidative damage from contaminants and depletion of our body’s supply of antioxidants. Our custom blended treatment contains prescription strength antioxidants and anti-aging products, formulated to penetrate deeply for maximal effects while providing contouring, hydration, rejuvenation, and protections to the skin.

60 minutes $95


purifying facial 

Designed for clients with challenging acne and excessive oily skin; this treatment draws out impurities, reduces oil without over drying the skin, and provides balanced hydration. Serums and corrective gels are applied to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits to calm reactive skin after extractions.

60 minutes $75


teen facial

For the busy student that requires a deep cleansing to help reduce blemishes, blackheads, and oily skin. Treatment includes exfoliation and extractions to help reduce breakouts.

30 minutes $45 


hydrating oxygen facial

The hydrating oxygen facials is specialized to nourish, and revitalize aging sun0damaged skin. Your skin will be gently exfoliated with proprietary Skin Polisher made with ultra-fine jojoba spheres that gently lift dead cells without stripping away moisture or causing irritation; followed by extractions. An applications of a hydrating masque containing our NouriCel-MD  formula, made from a blend of Human Growth Hormones, stimulate collagen & cell growth while neutralizing free radicals. The experience provides more nourished, plump, and firm skin.

60 minutes $130



Indulge yourself with a relaxing overall skin care experience. Our customized treatment includes deep cleansing of the skin for elimination of toxins and impurities. Regular monthly treatments help your skin looking healthy and radiant.

60 minutes $75


gentleman's facial

Designed exclusively for a gentlemen’s skin. Treatment includes a deep cleansing followed by our proprietary Skin Polisher for exfoliation and an application of  a customized masque resulting in less ingrown hairs and razor burns.

60 minutes $110


the mini facial

When a busy schedule keeps you from a full facial, we offer our min facial. This treatment is designed to refresh and energize your skin in a shorter amount of time, while still getting all the benefits of a european facial.

30 minutes $45 


back facial

Would you like to enjoy the warm weather by wearing your favorite sundress or tank top? Are you too embarrassed because of back and shoulder acne? We can help you with our back treatment formulated for acne prone and oily skin. Deep cleansing along with extractions followed by a soothing masque that will help with clearer skin and less breakouts.

45 minutes $75

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