Winter Glow – Protect your Skin!

For many of us with big families, the holiday season can convert to a stressful season. Sometimes this stress shows on our skin as pimples, allergies, eczema, flakiness, redness, etc…

In Florida, we don’t have the freezing temperatures but we have a weekly visit of a cold front or two and as much as we enjoy the change of weather, this is no time to slack on our beauty routine.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure you continue to protect your skin during the holidays:

Sunblock – There is a reason we are called the “Sunshine State”. Even if it is cold outside (in the 60’s) the sun still shines. If you spend your day in an office near a glass window or when you drive home in the afternoon, chances are you will be exposed to direct sunlight. Use a sunblock of 50+ everyday.

Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing – Be consistent with your skincare routing, morning and night. And remember, don’t go to sleep without removing your makeup. These are the most important steps for a flawless skin.

Plenty of rest – With the holiday festivities, your sleep routine might get off a bit and nothing can replace those hours. Remember sleep deprivation triggers the stress hormone Cortisol which is damaging to your body and your skin. Don’t over schedule yourself!

Special Treatments – Metamorphosis Medspa says -what a better gift than the gift of beauty! That could be a scrub, a professional peeling, serums, luxury creams, etc… Not only helps you relax (remember… Cortisol) but specialized products can deliver to your skin a serious dose of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to make it appear and feel younger, smoother and brighter.

Festive Healthy Eating! –You need all the colors of the wheel! Your leafy greens and your oranges provide the additional benefits of super anti-oxidant Vitamin C which works with your body to restore collagen. Collagen is vital in maintaining skin elasticity and freshness. The Omega 3 in the nuts provides healthy radiance to your skin and don’t forget to hydrate from the inside out, plenty of water!!!

Now go on, get the glow, and be merry!

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