3 Skin Concerns and dangerous “DIY” remedies!

In today’s information era, it is really easy to find information about how to “DIY” almost everything. People have been using substances like olive oil, yogurt, vinegar, honey and aloe  as treatments to tighten skin, obliterate wrinkles, banish brown spots and treat acne for ages. Today with all the advances in skin science, we know that when it comes to skin health, we must exercise some caution.  “DIY” suggestions offering easy fixes without spending a dime on skin care products or skin care appointments should be carefully considered. Even some experts have fallen into trying some of these “old recipes”. But are these homemade treatments good for your skin and or better than commercial products?

Most dermatologists or skin experts don’t think so.

Here are 3 Skin Concerns and DIY treatments to re-consider:

Acne – Using vinegar, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, fungus creams, or peroxide to treat acne can create blisters, scabs and scars. Vinegar and alcohol might work to disinfect and even kill bacteria and some fungus and Hydrogen  Peroxide is toxic to your skin cells.  If you keep putting it in a wound, it would create a scab and delay or impair the healing process.  Acne for the most, is an inflamation issue not an infection issue. So it is better to use a product with anti-inflamatory ingredients. If you insist to go to your pantry for a remedy, then dabbed a cotton with  home-brewed, cold chamomile tea and use it as a compression. And never use nail clippers, tweezers or any other tool from your bathroom to pop your pimples or remove blackheads. You can end up tearing your skin allowing bacteria to enter in.

Skin Discoloration – Lemon juice contains Vitamin C which has great benefits tightening and lightening the skin. But applying lemon juice directly on your skin can cause irritation and its acid can burn your skin darkening the brown spots even more. Additionally, it can make your skin very sensitive to the sun which causes even more spots. Any homemade treatment for a new mole or freckle is discouraged as these should be examined and tested for melanoma. This is your health, do not play with it!

Dull Skin – People try to make their own masks, at home exfoliation and peelings. The problem is most people don’t understant the risks of mixing ingredients and how they work together. Some ingredients might not be appropriate for breakout-prone skin. Sugar, salt and baking soda are great multipurpose natural exfoliants and cleaners. However, on your face can cause lacerations or small cuts that can allow harmful bacteria to enter into your bloodstream. Overusing physician-strenght at home peels can lead to either hypo or hyper pigmentation. In some cases the damage can be permanent.

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